Work-based learning for clinical practice exams

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Research and Development in Higher Education: Enhancing Higher Education, Theory and Scholarship Vol. 30

July, 2007, 651 pages
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Geoffrey Crisp & Margaret Hicks
0 908557 72 8

An essential requirement for medical practitioners is the ability to engage with a wide range of patients in the clinical environment. With the internationalisation of the medical workforce and the changing demographic of the Australian population, effective communication has become an increasingly important skill for both local and overseas educated practitioners. This paper describes an approach to communication skills assessment and work-based learning developed and piloted in 2006 by Adelaide to Outback GP Training Program in collaboration with staff from the University of Adelaide. It is intended that this pilot study will form the basis of a more intensive and integrated cross-discipline approach to inform the practice of Registrar education in their professional development.

Keywords: work-based learning, medical education, OSCI assessment

Work-based learning for clinical practice exams

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Coleman-George, D. & Elliott, T.