Overcoming barriers to learning through e-learning

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Research and Development in Higher Education: Enhancing Higher Education, Theory and Scholarship Vol. 30

July, 2007, 651 pages
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Geoffrey Crisp & Margaret Hicks
0 908557 72 8

Use of and reliance upon e-learning systems and approaches in universities is often designed to achieve a range of efficiencies, usually intended by senior management to achieve more within limited budgets. But while many endeavours are based at least partially on enhancing pedagogy through increasing access to learning, rarely are e-learning initiatives devised to overcome barriers to learning that often exist within face-to-face learning contexts as well as in traditional distance education modes. Through consideration of a specific inquiry, this paper looks at how e-learning approaches may overcome certain barriers to learning in a sensitive subject area within police education and how the learning design itself, within such approaches, is crucial to offering sufficiently engaging learning experiences.

Keywords: learning barriers, sensitive subject areas, e-learning design, police education.

Overcoming barriers to learning through e-learning

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