HERDSA Notices 5 December 2018

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* Read Now: 4th issue of International Journal for Students as Partner (IJSaP)
* Unique Learning Event at Murdoch University in February 2019
* New online first articles in Higher Education Research and Development

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Read Now: 4th issue of International Journal for Students as Partner (IJSaP)


We are delighted to let you know that the 4th issue of the International Journal for Students as Partners (IJSaP) is available from https://mulpress.mcmaster.ca/ijsap/issue/view/348

At 170 pages, Issue 2.2 is our largest to date. In it you will find an editorial, 2 opinion pieces, 4 research articles, 3 reflective essays, 6 case studies, and 2 reviews. Together these contributions have been written by 25 faculty/staff and 33 students from Australia, Canada, UK and USA.

If you enjoy this issue we hope you will support the journal in a variety of ways including:
a) Writing for the journal in any of the genres we publish. Please contact us with your ideas. We encourage you to send us (ijsap@mcmaster.ca) your proposals
b) Reviewing for IJSaP. We will provide training for inexperienced reviewers. If you are interested, read more here: https://mulpress.mcmaster.ca/ijsap/about
c) Telling others about the journal and contributions that you find particularly interesting. E.g. by forwarding this email to your local and disciplinary teaching and learning networks, and commenting on Twitter: @InterJournalSaP
d) Checking that your library lists IJSaP in their catalogue and knowing it is freely available from https://mulpress.mcmaster.ca/ijsap

We welcome hearing your views about the journal. Please send us an email (ijsap@mcmaster.ca).

Further information: https://mulpress.mcmaster.ca/ijsap/issue/view/348


Unique Learning Event at Murdoch University in February 2019

 We are hosting a conference around Gregory Bateson’s thinking with his daughter Nora Bateson as a key note speaker. Here are the first two paragraphs . . . 

Taking a systems approach to mutual learning in everyday life

My teaching—and my challenge—is to develop capacity for a systemic approach to mutual learning in everyday life—from family, to groups, to organisations and society. Combining theory, art, storytelling, poetry and emerging practice, I will guide us to approach differently the seemingly intractable problems we face personally and as a society. Our journey will explore the art and science of complexity and ambiguity, expanding our capacity to work with and be within these states. By exploring symmathesy, we discover how a shift in perception can alter and ease our relationship with life’s complexity.

"‘Symmathesy’ is a term I created to express the mutual learning that occurs within and between living systems. This word derives from the Greek prefix sym (together) and mathesi (to learn). Symmathesy is not about finding 5-step solutions: it is about deepening, expanding and exploring the sensitivity with which we interpret and interact with our complex world. Be sure, this is not a tweaking of thinking and approach, but a profound shift—away from destruction and despair and towards creativity and possibility. . .

To read the rest of Nora's description, go to the latest version of our webpage: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/learning-together-a-new-way-of-thinking-...)

Latest NEWS!
We have extended the Early Bird registration deadline to 15 December.
There is now a 2-day option of you want to attend on the first two days only. Of course, you can then upgrade if you find the experience irresistible!
Student discounts and scholarships for anyone in financial need are available, because we don't want anyone to miss out for financial reasons on this extraordinary and blessed opportunity .


New online first articles in Higher Education Research and Development

Found my place: the importance of faculty relationships for seniors’ sense of belonging, Angie L. Miller, Latosha M. Williams & Samantha M. Silberstein, https://doi.org/10.1080/07294360.2018.1551333

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