HERDSA Notices 2 August 2017

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* Introducing the HERDSA Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Modules
* Special Issue of Journal of Uni Teaching & Learning Practice- Research Skill Development: Connections, critiques and curricula
* Interested in humanities, arts and social science education?
* Tertiary Education Research in New Zealand (TERNZ) Conference 2017
* Higher Education in the Headlines

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Introducing the HERDSA Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Modules

At the recent HERDSA Conference in Sydney, HERDSA New Scholars Portfolio members released the SoTL Modules. The aim of the modules is to start those new to SoTL on their journey by introducing the nature, purpose and processes of SoTL.

The modules have been specifically designed for the HERDSA community. Included are videos of prominent Australian and New Zealand HERDSA members contributing their valuable SoTL insight. The modules are also relevant for international scholars, acting as a capacity building resource to assist to develop and refine your SoTL knowledge and skills.

  1. For individual users:
  • The programme is free for HERDSA financial members

Got to the HERDSA website (www.herdsa.org.au). Click on member login at the top of the page

Enter your email and the password you created when you signed up for HERDSA membership or create an account. Click on MY DASHBOARD at the top of the page. On the right hand side of the page click on SOTL MODULES.

  1. For Institutional Licences
  • If your institution wishes to purchase a licence for the programme, contact the HERDSA Office for price and log-in details.

Further information on the HERDSA Scholarship of Teaching & Learning modules is available online at http://herdsa.org.au/new-scholars


Special Issue of Journal of Uni Teaching & Learning Practice- Research Skill Development: Connections, critiques and curricula
24 August, 2017

I invite you to submit an Expression of Interest for a Special Issue of the Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice.
Title- Research Skill Development spanning Higher Education: Connections, critiques and curricula
Special Issue Editor- John Willison
Scheduled- October 2018
Special Issue Details- http://ro.uow.edu.au/jutlp/latestnews.html
EoI- 1500- 2000 words
EoI submission: 24 August 2017 http://linguistlist.org/easyabs/rsd_ccc

This special issue considers connections, critiques and curricula in Research Based Learning (RBL) that gravitate around a shared conceptual model, the Research Skill Development (RSD) framework (Willison & O’Regan, 2007: www.rsd.edu.au). RBL is used here as an umbrella term to encapsulate a variety of active learning strategies, including Inquiry Based Learning, Problem Based Learning, Project Based Learning, Critical Thinking tasks, Undergraduate Research, Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning and Discovery Learning.
EoIs of 1500- 2000 words are invited to be submitted by 24 August, 2017.
Some accepted short papers for the I-MELT conference (www.i-melt.edu.au) may also be invited to submit a full paper for this special issue.

Please contact me on the email below if you have any questions


Further information john.willison@adelaide.edu.au


Interested in humanities, arts and social science education?
​25 and 26 September, 2017

Dear Colleagues,

You might be interested in attending the Bachelor of Arts Conference to held at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia on 25 and 26 September, 2017

This two-day conference is designed to provoke discussions around Bachelor of Arts curricula, the main way that many students experience the humanities, arts and social science (HASS) disciplines. The conference is also a call to action, to evoke change in the ways that HASS education is viewed, described and experienced in Australia and beyond.

Time is allocated to engage with detailed discussion on a range of topics identified during colloquia conducted across the Australia earlier this year. These topics address challenges and highlight successes in contemporary HASS education. The conference program offers presentations, panel discussions, speakers and poster sessions that provoke debate, stimulate discussion, offer new ideas and encourage creative solutions.

Visit the conference website http://www.hassfutures.org/ba-conference.html for more details.

Kind regards

Further information http://www.hassfutures.org/ba-conference.html


Tertiary Education Research in New Zealand (TERNZ) Conference 2017
Submission of abstracts closes 1 October 2017

The 2017 Tertiary Education in New Zealand Conference will be held at Massey University in Palmerston North from 29 Nov - 1 Dec (http://www.herdsa.org.nz/ternz/2017). Submissions of abstracts are invited until 1 October. The conference registration is open now. A distinctive feature of this conference is its emphasis on creating time for discussion and space for reflection. Instead of traditional paper presentations, themes will be developed through a series of more extended conversations led by the presenter, in which all participants will have the opportunity to play an equal part to promote discussion and sharing of ideas.

Further information http://www.herdsa.org.nz/ternz/2017/


Higher Education in the Headlines

Uni sex assaults reported by 1.6pc | JOHN ROSS  | Australian Higher Education | 02 August, 2017
One in 14 university students has been sexually assaulted over the past two years, a harrowing report shows.

How much has higher education changed? | Ellie Bothwell | Times Higher Education | 27 July, 2017
Ellie Bothwell goes through the archives from 45 to five years ago and discovers some recurring themes