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The HERDSA Executive has decided to discontinue the full-paper option for the annual HERDSA Conference. Previously, the accepted full-papers have been published as Research and Development in Higher Education (RDHE). The Executive has decided to change RDHE by making a call for full papers developed from accepted and presented abstracts from the Annual HERDSA conference and related to the Conference theme. The papers will go through a similar peer-review process as used by RDHE editors in the past. An example can be viewed at http://conference.herdsa.org.au/2016/refereed.html. Previous volumes of RDHE can be viewed at http://www.herdsa.org.au/publications/conference_proceedings. 

The HERDSA Executive is now seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) from a current member/s to take on the role of Editor for Research and Development in Higher Education, Next generation Higher Education: Challenges, Changes and Opportunities, Vol 42. (2019 Conference).

The editor will establish a voluntary editorial team which will be responsible for managing the call for submissions, developing and managing the review process, and finalising the formatting of the papers in consultation with the Publications portfolio of the HERDSA Executive. The Editor will become an Officer of HERDSA for the duration of the editorial process.

Expressions of Interest (two-page maximum) should include: name and contact details, brief CV, previous/current editorial experience, and, if it is a team application, how the members will work together to meet the timelines. This EOI is intended to apply to Vol 42 only, although subsequent application may be made for Vol 43 (2020 conference).

Please send your EOI to office@herdsa.org.au by Monday 22nd February 2019.

Further information: agoody56@gmail.com