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HERDSA membership is available to anybody interested in the improvement of teaching, learning and academic practice in tertiary and higher education. It encourages interaction with higher education leaders, policy makers, teachers, researchers, managers, learning support staff, academic and staff developers, educational researchers and students through:

  • A refereed journal published seven times a year;
  • A newsletter with substantial articles published three times a year;
  • An annual conference and conference proceedings;
  • HERDSA publications – HERDSA Guides provide useful ideas and information on many aspects of teaching and learning. Written by experts in the field, they are short, inexpensive and easy to read;
  • Regional activities, including mini-conferences, seminars and network meetings;
  • An email noticeboard and other networking opportunities; and
  • Other seminars and events

How to join HERDSA

Click on the "Join HERDSA" link at the bottom of this page to enter your contact details and become a HERDSA member.

How to renew your HERDSA Membership

If you are already a HERDSA member you can renew your membership in your member's dashboad. Click on the link at the top of this page and select the "Renew your membership" link in the right hand column of the dashboard. You can update your details in the renewal form before selecting your method of payment.