Ernest Roe

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Ernest Roe obtained his first degree from Oxford University and later received a B.Ed. from the University of Queensland and a Ph.D. from Adelaide University. After teaching for several years he worked as a Research Fellow with Sir Fred Schonell at the University of Queensland. In 1960 he took up a lectureship in the Education Department at Adelaide University. He left there in 1967 to become foundation Professor of Education at the University of Papua New Guinea, a post which he relinquished in 1973 to become foundation Director of the Tertiary Education Institute at the University of Queensland. He retired from that position earlier this year after achieving an international reputation for the work of TEDI.

For almost a quarter of a century Ernest Roe has been contributing to the literature of higher education. The findings of a major study of student performance, undertaken in collaboration with Schonell and Meddleton, were published in 1962 as Promise and Performance. His longstanding interest in the educational role of libraries and the materials of learning led to a number of publications, notably Using and Misusing the Materials of Teaching and Learning, (1975). More recently he has taken a keen interest in educational evaluation and this led in 1983, in collaboration with McDonald, to Informed Professional Judgment . His many contributions to the literature of higher education have been characterised by their lucidity, concern for practical applications, and engagement with real educational issues rather than with technicalities and arid theorising.

Ernest Roe was a foundation member of the Society, he has served on the Executive for several periods, and is immediate past-President. He took the lead in planning and conducting the highly successful series of national workshops on evaluation skills. His enthusiasm, expertise, wise counsel, and seemingly boundless energy have been given freely to enhance the reputation of the Society. We are all greatly in his debt.