Higher Education Research & Development Vol. 33 No. 3

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Multimodal approaches to reflective teaching and assessment in higher education
Georgina Barton & Mary Ryan

A peer-assisted teaching scheme to improve units with critically low student satisfaction: opportunities and challenges
Angela Carbone

Local university students and intercultural interactions: conceptualising culture, seeing diversity and experiencing interactions
Cassandra Colvin, Simone Volet & Farida Fozdar
DOI:10.1080/07294360.2013.841642 (Free access)

The cracked glass ceiling: equal work but unequal status
Angela R. Dobele, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele & Foula Kopanidis

‘If they're the customer, I'm the meat in the sandwich’: an exploration of tertiary teachers' metaphorical constructions of teaching
Lisa Emerson & Juliana Mansvelt

Finding time for quality teaching: an ethnographic study of academic workloads in the social sciences and their impact on teaching practices
Susan R. Hemer

Managing curriculum change and ‘ontological uncertainty’ in tertiary education
Linda Keesing-Styles, Simon Nash & Robert Ayres

‘These are issues that should not be raised in black and white’: the culture of progress reporting and the doctorate
Inger Mewburn, Ekaterina Tokareva, Denise Cuthbert, Jennifer Sinclair & Robyn Barnacle

Transformative learning approaches for public relations pedagogy
Judy Motion & Lois Burgess

The benefits of publishing systematic quantitative literature reviews for PhD candidates and other early-career researchers
Catherine Pickering & Jason Byrne

Using technology for teaching and learning in higher education: a critical review of the role of evidence in informing practice
Linda Price & Adrian Kirkwood

Using pictorial mnemonics in the learning of tax: a cognitive load perspective
Bernadette Smith & Sonia Shimeld

The capstone experience: student and academic perspectives
Keith Thomas, Kin-chi Wong & Yi-ching Li

Using mobile peer mentors for student engagement: Student Rovers in the Learning Commons
Dan Tout, Geri Pancini & Rob McCormack

Doctoral supervision in a cross-cultural context: issues affecting supervisors and candidates
Theresa Winchester-Seeto, Judi Homewood, Jane Thogersen, Christa Jacenyik-Trawoger, Catherine Manathunga, Anna Reid & Allyson Holbrook

Points for debate

‘Newstart’ or ‘Stop–Start’? The implications of recent welfare reforms on undergraduate students who are sole parents
Caroline Lenette, Donna McDonald & Jane L. Fowler

Book reviews

Imagining the university
Yusef Waghid

Transforming theology: student experience and transformative learning in undergraduate theological education
Darren Cronshaw


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Higher Education Research & Development Vol. 33