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HERDSA Fellows, Associate Fellows and Assessors are part of a vibrant network of scholars who are able to engage in professional development and serve HERDSA and the broader tertiary education community. Fellows and Associate Fellows can link to other members of this network on their Facebook page. Registration in the Fellowship scheme is required to access the group page.


Current HERDSA Fellows

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Dr Kathie Ardzejewska,  (FHERDSA) The University of Notre Dam Australia

Dr Maureen Bell  (FHERDSA) University of Wollongong

A/Prof Susan Blackley  (FHERDSA) Curtin University

Dr John Boereboom (FHERDSA) University of Canterbury

Dr Susan Bolt (FHERDSA) Edith Cowan University

Dr  Erik Brogt, (FHERDSA)  University of Canterbury

Prof Anna Chur-Hansen (FHERDSA) University of Adelaide

Prof Geoffrey Crisp (FHERDSA) University of New South Wales

Prof Shelda Debowski (FHERDSA) Consultant

Dr Judith Dinham (FHERDSA) Curtin University

Dr Michelle Eady, University of Wollongong

Dr Ursula Edgington, University of Waikato

Dr Jane Fowler (FHERDSA) Griffith University

Prof Susan Geertshuis, University of Auckland

Dr John Gilchrist  (FHERDSA) Australian Catholic University

Prof Beena Giridharan (FHERDSA) Curtin University

A/Prof Merran Govendir (FHERDSA) University of Sydney

Mr Lynden Griggs (FHERDSA) University of Tasmania

Mr Peter Jones (FHERDSA) James Cook University

Prof Susan Jones (FHERDSA) University of Tasmania

Mr Robert Kennelly (FHERDSA) University of Canberra

Prof Richard Ladyshewsky (FHERDSA) Curtin University

Ms Abigail Lewis (FHERDSA) Edith Cowan University

Dr Abigail Mitchell (FHERDSA) D'Youville College

Dr Paula Myatt  (FHERDSA) Southern Cross University

A/Prof Kogi Naidoo  (FHERDSA) Charles Sturt University

A/Prof Maria Northcote  (FHERDSA) Avondale College of Higher Education

Dr Karin Oerlemans, University of Canberra

Prof John Ozolins  (FHERDSA) Australian Catholic University

Dr Lee Partridge  (FHERDSA) University to Community (U2C) Inc

Dr Fay Patel (FHERDSA)

A/Prof  Margaret Potter  (FHERDSA) Smart Moves Consultancy

Ms Gesa Ruge   (FHERDSA) University of Canberra

Dr Stuart  Schonell (FHERDSA)  University of Tasmania

Prof Shirley Scott (FHERDSA) University of New South Wales

Dr Rachel Sheffield  (FHERDSA) Curtin University

Dr Giriraj Singh Shekhawat (FHERDSA)  Centre for Learning and Teaching, AUT, New Zealand

Dr Glyn Thomas (FHERDSA) University of The Sunshine Coast

A/Prof Theda Thomas, (FHERDSA) Australian Catholic University

Dr Kate Thomson  (FHERDSA)  University of Sydney

Dr Geoff Treloar (FHERDSA) Australian College of Theology

A/Prof Chris Tisdell (FHERDSA) University of New South Wales

Dr Magda Wajrak (FHERDSA) Edith Cowan University 


Associate Fellows

The following HERDSA members are engaging with the development of their Fellowship

Dr Christine Adams, University of Tasmania

Dr Pranit Anand, University of Wollongong

Dr Kathrine Baldock, University of South Australia

Prof Teri  Balser,  Curtin University

Dr Simon  Bedford, University of Wollongong

Dr Robyn Bentley-Williams, Australian Catholic University

Dr Chelsea  Blickem, University of Waikato

Dr Taha Chaiechi, James Cook University

Mr Sin Wang Chong, The Education University of Hong Kong 

Dr Maurizio Costabile, The University of South Australia

Gemma Clarke, Curtin College, WA

Dr Judith Daire, Curtin University

Ms Christina Do, Curtin University

Dr Mark Dodd,  The University of Adelaide

Dr Danielle Eden, The Australian Institute of Music, Sydney

Dr Rajaraman Eri, University of Tasmania

Dr Sarah Etherington, Murdoch University WA

Dr Tracy Fortune, La Trobe University

Dr Deanne Gannaway, University of Queensland

Dr Audrey Geste, Edith Cowan University

Mr Jason Harding, Griffith University

Dr Clive Harrison, Australian Insitute of Music, Sydney

Dr  Margaret  Kling, University of Tasmania

Dr Narissa Lewis, University of Auckland

Dr Ana Lobo, Griffith University

Mr Michael  Lower, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Dr Vinod Maseedupally, University of New South Wales

Ms Sandy Maranna, The University of South Australia

Dr Catherine Moore, Edith Cowan University, WA

Dr Joy McEnteeThe University of Adelaide

Dr Bonnie Pang, University of Western Sydney

A/Prof Nanya Parange, University of South Australia

A/Prof Barbara Parker, University of South Australia

Lynne Parmenter, University of Waikato, New Zealand

A/Prof Michelle Picard, The University of Newcastle

Dr Josephine Pryce, James Cook University

Dr  Ainslie Robinson, University of Notre Dame

A/Prof John Rolley, University of Canberra

Dr Nirma Samarawickrema, Monash University

Ms Mary-Ann Shuker, Griffith University

Mr Colin Simpson, Australian National University

A/Prof Elke Stracke, University of Canberra

Mr Leigh Smith, Curtin University

A/Prof Lisa Tee , Curtin University

A/Prof Adrienne Torda, University of NSW

Mr Toomas  Truuvert, Macquarie University

Ms Deborah Veness, Australian National University

Dr Elena Verezub, Swinburn University of Technology

Dr Heather Verkade, University of Melbourne