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2002 Conference Papers


The future of academic staff: Visions of tertiary teaching in the 21st century
Thomas C. Reeves

Quality: Making a difference
David Woodhouse

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Anderson, Sue Working together to develop a professional learning community
Avdjieva, Maria; Wilson, Marie Higher Education Institutions quality initiatives in New Zealand and Australia: Conversations across academic cultures


Baker, Wendy Mentoring – Improving the quality of work life and organisational effectiveness: A case study of a formal mentoring programme implemented in a higher education organisation
Beasley, Colin J.; Watts, Jon “A trouble shared …”: Conversations for survival
Bratanic, Marija Paradoxes in teaching and learning: Synthesis of theoretical knowledge, practical experience and personal reflection
Bretag, Tracey; Scobie, Sonja Innovative classroom practice in an offshore environment
Bruce Ferguson, Pip; Coubrough, Susan How can we help classroom teachers produce research from their practice?
Bullen, Frank; Karri, Vishy Design and construction of a Formula SAE racecar in a teaching and research framework


Carbone, Angela; Lynch, Kathy; Barnden, Andrew; Gonsalvez, Chris Students’ reactions to a studio-based teaching and learning philosophy in a three year IT degree
Carey, Karen; Cambiano, Reneé L.; De Vore, Jack B. Student to faculty satisfaction at a Midwestern university in the United States
Caspersz, Donella; Wu, Madeline; Skene, Judy The influence of gender and country-of-origin effects on student processes in team projects
Challis, Di Integrating the conceptual and practice worlds: A case study from Architecture
Christensen Hughes, Julia Tools and techniques for enhancing the quality and effectiveness of student teams
Christie, Michael; Stehlik, Tom The defining qualities of good assessment
Coall, David Use of an interactive CD-ROM as a learning resource and its effect on student outcome in first year human biology
Cooper, Geoffrey; Juniper, Sato A postgraduate research training programme in generic skills and strategies: description and evaluation
Cooper, Trudi Concepts of ‘quality’: and the problem of ‘customers’, ‘products’, and purpose in higher education
Cooper, Trudi Why student retention fails to assure quality
Cooper, Trudi Quality interventions: Examining the unintended effects of quality policies on academic standards and staff stress
Cowdroy, Robert; Williams, Anthony; DeGraaff, Erik; Mauffette, Yves Resolving relevance, quality and quality assurance: A transitional criteria approach


Debowski, Shelda Enabling quality conversations: Building reflective mature age business graduates through the use of a facilitative instructional model
Deden, Ann; Herrington, Jan Strategic issues shaping online adoption in higher education
Dinelli, Raffaela; Clulow, Val An exploratory study of students’ learning strategies in a first year university Italian language course
Dixon, Jill; Blackwell, Melany Case study: Service Level Agreements – a framework for assuring and improving the quality of support services to faculties
Dortins, Emma Reflections on phenomenographic process: Interview, transcription and analysis
Duignan, John Undergraduate work placement and academic performance: Failing by doing
Dunworth, Katie Creating an environment for collaborative language learning


Edwards, Helen Quality and academic programmes
Ellis, Ainslie; Prpic, J. Kaya In FLITE conversations: Building a faculty-based centre to support information technology education


Fitzsimmons, John; Killion, Frances; Leeks, Marilyn; Mensinga, Jo Flexible delivery: Convergence and quality in model redesign
Fowler, Lynne; McGill, Daniel; Armarego, Jocelyn; Allen, Maurice Quantitative learning conversations: Constructivism and its application to learning in an engineering environment


Gatfield, Terry; Alpert, Frank The supervisory management styles model
Goody, Allan; de Vries, Jennifer Straight talk about queer issues
Gravoso, Rotacio; Pasa, Arturo E; Mori, Toshiaki Influence of students’ prior learning experiences, learning conceptions and approaches on their learning outcomes
Gravoso, Rotacio Meeting the need for relevance and quality learning: A case in using the constructivist learning approach
Green, John Exemplars of on-line peer support- are we looking in the right places?


Herrington, Jan; Oliver, Ron Designing for reflection in online courses
Herrington, Anthony; Bunker, Alison Quality teaching online: Putting pedagogy first
Hicks, Owen; Santhanam, Elizabeth Student perceptions of inclusivity in lecturing at university
Hicks, Owen; Martin, Kenn; Santhanam, Elizabeth; Goody, Allan; Ingram, Deborah Spreading the word: The ITL experience
Hunt, Lynne; Kershaw, Lorraine; Seddon, Jack Authentic transitions: The Click Around ECU on-line transition to university program


Ingram, Deborah; Goody, Allan Authentic learning within the community of practice: The Advancing Teaching and Learning Program
Ireland, Ken; Tarricone, Pina; Luca, Joe Satisfying real client requirements through student-centred courseware


Jamison, Jennifer Creating an authentic learning environment in the chiropractic classroom: A problem-based learning approach
Jerram, Cate Applying adult education principles to university teaching
Jones, Sandra; Richardson, Joan Designing an IT-augmented student-centred learning environment
Juwah, Charles; Northcote, Maria Devising strategies for enhancing quality staff development in embedding ICT in teaching and learning


Koenders, Annette Creating opportunities from challenges in on-line introductory biology


Laiken, Marilyn Managing the action/reflection polarity through dialogue: A path to transformative learning
Love, Terence Multiple theoretical perspectives in the long thesis PhD: A foundation problem in PhD education


McGookin, Maurice “I can’t let them down!”: Affiliative motivation and co-operative learning in higher education
McKenzie, Jo Variation and relevance structures for university teachers’ learning: Bringing about change in ways of experiencing teaching
McKenzie, Tony ; Morgan, Chris; Cochrane, Kerry; Watson, Geoff; Roberts, David Authentic learning: What is it and what are the ideal curriculum conditions to cultivate it in?
McLoughlin, Catherine; Luca, Joe Enhancing the quality of the student experience online: Revisiting the imperative of learning as socially based
McLoughlin, Catherine; Samuels, Curtis Great expectations: Can the quality of teaching and learning be improved through academic development programs?
McMahon, Mark Designing an on-line environment to scaffold cognitive self-regulation
Mummery, Jane Facilitating critical thinking in an online environment
Murray, Peter The CEQ: Is it a measure of Architecture program quality?


Nair, Chenicheri Sid Evaluation of subjects, teaching and research
Nneji, Love M. Study habits of Nigerian university students


Oliver, Ron; Harper, Barry; Hedberg, John; Wills Sandra; Agostinho, Shirley Formalising the description of learning designs
Ovens, Alan Discourse communities and the social construction of reflection in teacher education


Pandey, Priti; Magin, Doug Feedback from peer and teacher assessments of introductory anatomy essays
Parry, Greg; Reynoldson, Clive; Pospisil, Romana Creating a project-based on-line learning environment for MBA economics students
Paxton, Patsy Institutional academic audit: The experiences of New Zealand’s newest university
Priest, Ann-Marie A different quality: Hypertext, Postmodernism and Disequilibrium
Prpic, J. Kaya; Ellis, Ainslie E. Influences in the design of a faculty-wide tutor development program


Randolph, Cherry; Murphy, Jamie; Ruch, Denis Using log files to measure, evaluate and improve course websites
Reeves, Thomas C.; Herrington, Jan; Oliver, Ron Authentic activities and online learning
Ritter, Leonora “Don’t mention the war.”: Ensuring graduates can write literate English without distorting assessment outcomes
Roxå, Torgny Communicative spaces: A perspective on learning


Sims, Margaret Teaching values: Meeting our obligations under human rights agreements
Snoke, Robert; Underwood, Alan; Bruce, Christine An Australian view of generic attributes coverage in undergraduate programs of study: An information systems case study;
Soontiens, Werner; de la Harpe, Barbara Professional skill development in Australian universities: Is there a bias?
Sovka, Roseanne Quality outcomes through inclusion: Tertiary decision-making and ethnicity at a regional New Zealand polytechnic
Sparrow, Heather; Sharp, Sue Quality course development through a central teaching and learning project: Lessons from a project to embed graduate attributes in undergraduate programs
Steketee, Carole Students’ perceptions of cognitive tools and distributed learning environments


Tanian, Sherryl; James, Kandy Could oral communication skills become a casualty of online learning?: A future scenario that could prevent this
Tarricone, Pina; Luca, Joe Successful teamwork: A case study
Taylor, Peter G. Quality and Web-based learning objects: Towards a more constructive dialogue
Taylor,K. Lynn; Schönwetter, Dieter J. Faculty development as institutional leadership: A framework for meeting new challenges
Turk, Michael Case study: Learning in the affective domain within two undergraduate IT subjects


Underwood, Fiona; Hiscock, Jane; Li, Kam; Juniper, James Authenticity or virtuality: Reflections on the communication of tacit knowledge in a collaborative learning environment


Vardi, Iris How do first year lecturers help students develop writing skills?


Wahr, Fiona; Radloff, Alex Using quality assurance to drive a teaching and learning agenda: Taking a risk, meeting the challenge
Walker, Elizabeth; O’Neill, Lorraine I.T. courses and the I.T. industry: Does the future rely on gender or generation?
Watson, Geoff; Morgan, Christopher K.; McKenzie, Tony; Roberts, David; Cochrane, Kerry Meeting the challenge of positioning undergraduate units of study at the appropriate level
Webster, Ray Learning styles and design: The use of ASSIST for reflection and assessment
Weerakoon, Patricia; Wong, May Maximising opportunities for learning: Sexuality education on-line
Whelan, Karen; Boles, Wageeh Ensuring quality outcomes from the first year of Bachelor of Engineering degrees
Wildy, Helen; Holland, Susan Improving doctoral education in Australian universities: Learning from conversations in the field


Yourn, Belinda Tertiary reform in New Zealand: A knowledge society and a ‘new professionalism’
Yourn, Belinda; Garbett, Dawn; Lautour, Nicky de A project approach case study: Blending theory and practice


Zimitat, Craig; Crebert, Gay Conducting online research and evaluation

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